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Sparrow Drums

What is Sparrow Drums?

Sparrow Drums is a Drum Samples company. Founded by two brothers Ronald Janecek, a music producer and guitarist, of band John Wolfhooker and Adrian Janecek a drummer of the same band. Sparrow Drums brings together the production expertise of Ronald and the drumming skills Adrian to deliver unique high-quality drum samples crafted to elevate your music production. Drum Pack 1 (DP1) including mixed tracks, separate mics & raw tracks is available now. Slate Trigger 2 .TCI files included. Logic Sampler ready.

What Drums Were Used for Drum Pack 1?

The drum kit at the heart of Drum Pack 1 (DP1) is the TAMA Starclassic Maple drumkit, known for its exceptional tone and versatility. The snare drum used is the legendary black chrome over brass snare drum, celebrated for its distinctive sound that has become a staple in countless recordings.

What is Drum Pack 1 (DP1)?

Drum Pack 1 (DP1) is drum samples shell pack crafted by Sparrow Drums. Samples including a high-end japan-made modern maple drum kit and legendary black chrome over brass snare drum were recorded in huge sounding drum room in Germany. Multiple-velocity samples, 400+ audio files, .TCI files for Slate Trigger 2 and Logic Sampler instructions included. DP1 offers realistic and unique sounding drum tracks in your music. 

Does DP1 Include Cymbals?

No. Drum Pack 1 (DP1) is a shell kit. It contains only drums (Kick, Snare, Tom, Floor Tom)

Are New Drum Samples Coming?

Yes, at Sparrow Drums, we are constantly working on the next packs of the highest quality unique drum samples. We will not create vast amounts of packs, but rather focus on a very limited number of highest-quality unique drum samples possible, recorded on the best drums available

Free Drum Sample

How Can I Get a Free Snare Drum Sample?

Subscribe to our website, to receive a free one-shot snare drum sample by Sparrow Drums.

Drum Samples and Their Use

What Are Drum Samples?

Drum samples are recordings of individual drum sounds that are used in music production to create realistic and high-quality drum tracks. 

How Can I Use Drum Samples?

You can use drum samples for drum replacement in live recordings, using tools like Slate Trigger 2. Often used in pop, rock and metal music to achieve HUGE and consistent sounding modern drum sounds while maintaining the authenticity of live performance.

You can also use drum samples into drum software like Logic Sampler for creative beat making. With Sparrow Drums, you get more than just one drum sound. You can have different sounds for different velocity. This adds realism to your beats, making it feel more nuanced and more dynamic than using one-shot samples. Using unique multiple-velocity drum samples (like Sparrow Drums' DP1) can help your music stand out from the crowd.

What Software Do I Need to Use Drum Samples?

To use Sparrow Drums (or any) drum samples, you'll need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase or others. Most DAWs support the integration of drum samples into your projects.

How Can I Use Drum Samples for Drum Replacement?

You can use VST plugins like Trigger 2 to replace or enhance your drum recordings with drum samples like Sparrow Drums' DP1 or drop drum samples to one of the many Drum Samplers available in various DAWs and use them for creating your unique beats.

What is Slate Trigger 2?

Slate Trigger 2 is a drum replacement and enhancement plugin that allows you to replace or enhance drum sounds in your recordings using high-quality drum samples.

How Are Drum Samples Made?

Drum samples are created by recording individual drum hits using high-quality microphones and equipment. These raw recordings are then refined through processing and editing to capture the desired sound. Factors critical to achieving high-quality drum samples include the quality of the drums themselves, precise tuning of the drums, the drummer's technique, the acoustic qualities of the recording room, microphone placement, and processing and editing to create the desired sound. 

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