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Sparrow Drums crafts high quality multiple-velocity drum samples for producers

DRUMPACK 1 Available Now. 400+ Audio Files. Trigger 2 Ready.

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Sparrow Drums DP1 is a pack of high quality modern multiple-velocity drum samples. Crafted by professionals. Ready for your next project.

  • Huge sounding high-end modern maple shell kit

  • Legendary black brass snare drum

  • Recorded in a massive live room

  • Mixed tracks, separate mics & raw tracks 

  • Slate Trigger 2 TCI files

  • Logic Pro Sampler ready

  • 400+ audio files

  • Engineered and mixed by Ronald Janecek

Ronald Janecek - Sparrow Drums Founder and Music Producer and Guitarist of the band John Wolfhooker

" While using drum samples from major companies, you’ll end up sounding like everyone else. We believe that everyone should strive to find their own sound, and we're here to help you with that. 

Ronald Janecek, Sparrow Drums Founder & Music Producer

Black Snare Drum with male hand holding drumsticks

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